Warrant issued for Jordanian imam accused of denigrating Jews in Montreal sermon

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MONTREAL—An arrest warrant has been issued for a Jordanian imam who is accused of giving a sermon last December denigrating Jews.

The Montreal police hate crimes unit investigated the sermon at a Montreal mosque in December 2016.

A Quebec judge signed the arrest warrant last week for Moh’d Mousa Hussein Nasr, also known as Imam Sheikh Muhammad ibn Musa Al Nasr.

The cleric is charged with one count of wilful promotion of hatred and his whereabouts remain unknown.

Video of the sermon at Montreal’s Dar al-Arqam Mosque shows the cleric calling the Jews the “worst of mankind” and hoping for their slaughter at the hands of Muslims.

It was posted and shared widely on YouTube.

B’nai Brith Canada’s Michael Mostyn says he hopes federal authorities will do what they can to have the cleric returned to Canada to stand trial.