Trump vows to ‘liberate’ country from ObamaCare

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President Trump vowed to “liberate” the country from Obamacare Tuesday night during a celebratory campaign rally in Ohio.

“We’re now one step closer to liberating our citizens from this Obamacare nightmare and delivering great health care for the American people,” Trump told a group of several thousand in Youngstown.

Trump’s speech came just hours after the Senate voted to debate the GOP plan to repeal President Obama’s healthcare legislation.

“You think that’s easy? That’s not easy,” Trump said.

The president also compared himself to Abraham Lincoln and boasted about his performance during the first six months in office.

“I think that with few exceptions, no president has done anywhere near what we’ve done in his first six months. Not even close,” Trump declared.

“With the exception of the late, great Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president that’s ever held this office.”

Trump also praised law enforcement for being “rough” on illegal immigrants and not bowing to political correctness.

“We’re liberating our towns and we’re liberating our cities. Can you believe we have to do that?” —”not doing it in a politically correct fashion,” Trump said. “Our guys are rougher than their guys.”

In addition, Trump returned to one of his favorite rally topics — his victory in the 2016 president election.

“It was incredible time we had. You saw the numbers,” he said. “Democrats, they win in Youngstown — but not this time.”