Racist stabs black man with machete

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A white California resident is facing hate crime charges for committing a brutal attack outside his apartment complex — which included shouting racial slurs at a black man and stabbing him with a machete, cops said.

Anthony Hammond, 35, had been spewing hatred towards numerous people in the parking lot of the Beachfront Apartments in Clearlake just before the incident unfolded last Saturday night at around 8:15 p.m., according to Lake County News.

At one point during his tirade, police said he marched back inside his residence for a few minutes before eventually returning — with a large machete.

Hammond continued to yell racial slurs and eventually set his sights on the victim, described simply as a black male. He stabbed the man in his shoulder and then ran back into his apartment and locked himself inside, cops said.

While looking through the windows, officers spotted an empty gun holster and a standoff ensued.

Authorities at one point saw Hammond attempting to hide himself inside his refrigerator, to no avail.

He later complied with cops and walked outside without incident, the News reports.

Officers found the machete inside Hammond’s apartment and arrested him, soon-after.

On the way to the police station, he allegedly threatened to kill his transporting officer and his entire family upon his release from jail.

In addition to a hate crime, Hammond was charged with aggravated mayhem, battery and assault. He was being held Tuesday in the Lake County Jail on $1 million bail.

The person that Hammond is accused of stabbing reportedly suffered serious injuries, but was expected to survive. Cops said their identity was being withheld for their safety.

Saturday’s attack came just days after the Portland train incident, in which two men were stabbed to death for standing up to a man who was shouting racial slurs at a pair of black women.