Party girls smash through eatery, cause $220K in damage

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These party girls crashed and burned.

Two Kansas City women smashed through the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant earlier this month while trying to get their car out of a locked parking lot, causing upwards of $220,000 in damages, Fox 4 KC reported.

“I think it’s bad you hit a building and then you just run away and not own up to it,” Emily Tipton, a diner at Missouri’s Ponak’s restaurant said. “Especially because it’s a business and people depend on it for their livelihood.”

The two women had arrived at their car, found a locked gate and attempted to gun it over the railroad tracks behind the restaurant — but somehow ended up backing into it instead.

After police posted surveillance photos of the culprits on social media last week, customers scoured through hundreds of online images of a nearby event to see if they could find the party girls, and cops announced that their efforts were successful on Tuesday.

“Thanks, Twitter! We’ve got these ladies ID’d,” Kansas City Police tweeted on their account.

Ponak’s general manager John Greer says he was touched his customers aided in ID’ing the perps.

“I’m glad that I have a pretty loyal following and people that do care,” he said.

The baffling July 1 incident left customers wondering why the party girls didn’t just call for a ride when they arrived to find the locked gate.

“That would be a much more advisable method than the alternative they took,” customer Tom Stahl said.