Jeff Sessions won’t take part in Mike Flynn investigations

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday that he won’t take part in any investigation of Mike Flynn, as part of his recusal from probes related to Russia’s involvement in the in the 2016 presidential campaign.

“Well, my recusal deals with the campaign issues but I would expect not to be involved in this one,” Sessions said during an interview on the “Today Show.”

“You would recuse yourself from any decision dealing with General Flynn?” asked host Matt Lauer.

“I would. I really don’t know whether there’s an investigation or should be and we don’t confirm investigations in the Department of Justice,” said Sessions.

He dodged questions about whether President Trump’s former national security adviser – who’s currently being investigated over failing to disclose payments from Russia – was properly vetted before taking the top post.

“They work hard on vetting. They do the best they can,” Sessions said of the Trump team. “It’s impossible to know everything. I don’t know what they did in that case and I’m not aware and I’m not involved in studying it.”

Sessions was also mum about his thoughts on Flynn’s request for immunity in exchange for testifying about the Trump team’s alleged ties to Russia.
“Well, we’ll see. The people who have the authority to decide that would be the people to decide that,” he said.

It’d be up to the Justice Department, which Sessions heads, to decide whether to prosecute Flynn, who resigned for lying about his ties to Russia on national security documents.