‘I’m going to fire everybody’: Trump’s new communications director vows to crack down on White House leaks

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“I’m going to fire everybody — that’s how,” Scaramucci told reporters in the White House driveway, asked how he planned to identify who had been leaking to the press and ensure that the disclosures stopped. He said he had authority directly from Trump to do so.

“You’re either going to stop leaking, or you’re going to get fired,” he said.

“If I’ve got to get the thing down to me and Sarah Huckabee, then the leaking will stop,” he added, referring to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the newly named press secretary who stepped in after Sean Spicer resigned last week in protest of Scaramucci’s hiring.

The White House has been rocked since its earliest days by a leaky West Wing where warring factions of aides and advisers have routinely litigated their internal disputes in the press, leading to unflattering disclosures about senior members of Trump’s team and the president himself. Scaramucci’s threats appeared intended to reassure Trump that the problem would subside, although there is little evidence that the deep rifts within his inner circle have been resolved.