Harjit Sajjan apologizes for claiming he was architect of Canada’s largest Afghanistan battle

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OTTAWA—Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says he is truly sorry after claiming in a recent speech to have been the architect of Canada’s largest battle in Afghanistan.

The mea culpa follows what some saw as a half-hearted apology for the comments Sajjan made in India earlier this month.

In a Facebook post, Sajjan says he made a mistake by describing himself as the architect of Operation Medusa in 2006.

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He goes on to retract the comments and offer his sincere apologies to all the soldiers he served with in Afghanistan.

That includes then-major general David Fraser and his team, whom Sajjan credits for the operation’s success.

Sajjan does not say why he made the comments about Operation Medusa, during which hundreds of Taliban were killed.

Twelve Canadian soldiers also died during the two-week battle.