Girl fights off sex attack by hitting creep in his junk

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A 16-year-old Oklahoma girl fought off a sexual attacker by punching him in the genitals “like her brothers showed her,” according to a report.

The teen was at her friend’s house for a sleepover Sunday night and at some point in the evening, several men came over and started partying in the house, FOX 25 reported.

The next morning, the victim’s friend left to go to the store and told her she was alone in the house, the outlet reported.

Instead, the victim woke up with 20-year-old Jose Andres Rivera Garcia on top of her with his pants and underwear around his ankles, the victim told police.

He was holding her down and trying to sexually assault her when the teen punched Rivera in the testicles “like her brothers showed her how to do,” causing the brute to roll off the bed and giving her the chance to run out of the house.

The girl’s parents called police and Rivera was arrested on a complaint of rape by instrumentation, which is defined as rape carried out by any object other than the rapist’s sexual organs, like a finger or an object.