Election 2017: Labour pledge to rebuild public services

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the Tories are “starving” the NHS and schools of the resources they need.

In a speech on Wednesday, he will promise to rebuild public services by investing billions in the NHS and social care.

The pledges follows an interview in which he struggled to say how much his party’s childcare policies would cost.

The Conservatives said they would get the right Brexit deal, enabling them to invest billions in public services.

In the speech Mr Corbyn will argue: “The futures of our NHS and schools are at stake in this election.

“Over the last seven years the Tories have starved the public services we rely on of resources, running them down and pushing them into disrepair.”

Labour has said it will invest £37bn in the NHS and £8bn in social care by the end of the next parliament if it wins the election.

Mr Corbyn will also highlight Labour’s plans to cap school class sizes at 30 for five to seven-year-olds and provide free school meals to all primary school children.

He will say that in contrast “another five years of the Tories would be disastrous for our public services”.

The Conservatives are offering increases in NHS spending in real terms to reach £8bn extra per year by 2022/23, and raise the cost of social care threshold from £23,000 to £100,000.

They have said they will scrap free school lunches for infants in England, but offer free breakfasts across the primary years and pump an extra £4bn into schools by 2022.

Earlier on Tuesday, Theresa May presented her party as the guardian of public services, telling an audience in Wolverhampton: “If we don’t make a success of Brexit, we won’t have the financial means to fund the public services on which we all rely.”

Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green said: “Made-up numbers from Corbyn cannot hide the fact he’s not up to the job of getting the deal we need.

“Theresa May has the plan to get the right Brexit deal, keep our economy strong, and invest billions more in public services. But a loss of just six seats and Theresa May’s government will lose its majority.”

The Liberal Democrats said: “It is Theresa May’s extreme version of Brexit which will cause real damage to the NHS.”