Duke and Duchess of Cambridge set off for Pippa Middleton's wedding 

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been pictured heading to Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

The two appear to be dressed to the nines for the nuptials, which is reportedly Scottish-themed.

Prince William and his wife were seen leaving Kensington Palace to travel to the event in Berkshire.

They are bringing their children, who will attend for the first section of the wedding and leave before the dinner and partying later in the evening.



Crowds of well-wishers have turned up at St Mark’s Church in Berkshire, hoping to see a glimpse of the Royals.

Kourtney Coleman  travelled all the way from the United States with her mother Joanne Kloser in the hope of catching a glimpse of the bride and her royal guests.

“We were supposed to be here in March and our plans changed and when I realised when the wedding was going to be, we planned the whole trip around it,” said Kourtney.

“I was on the streets for her sister’s wedding, so I just had to be here.

Pippa Middleton by numbers

Pippa Middleton by numbers


“We love all the royals. We just love Pippa. My mother actually named her dog after Pippa. And my dog is named after George.

“I hope we get to see them!”

David and Meryl Evans traveled from West Wales to see the spectacle.

“We were coming to the area on holiday and when we put the address into Google, we realised this was where the wedding would be taking place, so we thought we have to go!” says Meryl.

“I hope we see something, I want to see Prince Harry!”