Donald Trump behaves 'like drunk tourist' when it comes to diplomacy, US official says

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Donald Trump declared his first presidential trip abroad a “home run” but some disgruntled diplomats at home were less enthusiastic.

“When it comes to diplomacy, President Trump is a drunk tourist,” an unnamed official at the US State Department told the Daily Beast

“Loud and tacky, shoving his way around the dance floor. He steps on others without realising it. It’s ineffectual.”

During the trip Mr Trump was shown pushing the prime minister of Montenegro out of the way during a photo opportunity with other leaders.

Trump pushes past Montenegro PM

Trump pushes past Nato leader


The unnamed official also accused the president, who it teetotal, of “arrogance and an abdication of American leadership” if he withdraws from the US from the Paris climate agreement.

The official told the Daily Beast: “195 nations never agree on anything so when they do accepting the measure should be easy. The United States needs to be out front on this pact.”

Mr Trump will decide this week whether to withdraw from the agreement.

The US president also told Nato leaders they must pay more towards the cost of defence.

He said: “Trip was a great success for America. Hard work but big results.”

Mr Trump has repeatedly condemned leaks and anonymous criticism of him from within the State Department and other government departments.