Dog flu outbreak hits East Coast

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A new outbreak of the dog flu is hitting the East Coast — two years after the highly infectious virus swept across the country.

More than a dozen pooches in Florida contracted the H3N2 canine influenza after taking part in recent dog shows, according to animal doctors at the University of Florida, the Miami Herald reports.

The disease isn’t deadly on its own, but it can lead to pneumonia. which is. It typically causes canines to cough, sneeze and run high fevers, and pups are pretty much guaranteed to come down with a case if they’re exposed, vets warn.

“It’s very contagious, so you have to be careful,” Dr. Marta Lista of Trail Animal Hospital told the paper. “Most dogs don’t have immunity, and [there are no] vaccines.”

Humans can’t catch the flu, but it can spread to cats.

The virus comes from Asia and first broke out in the US in 2015, with thousands of pets falling ill in Chicago and the Midwest and cases reported in at least a dozen states — including New York.

Another outbreak flared up in California last month after some infected dogs were rescued from Asia.