Court rules parents can’t access dead teen’s Facebook account

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The parents of a dead teen girl cannot access her Facebook account for clues as to why she died, a German court ruled Wednesday.

The unnamed 15-year-old was hit by a train in 2012, and her folks have been trying to access her chat history to find out whether she’d been bullied and the death was a suicide, the Guardian reports.

A lower court in 2015 ruled that the family should inherit her account, but Berlin’s court of appeal overturned the ruling this week, arguing it would compromise her still-living contacts’ right to privacy.

The first judge believed it was no different from a family inheriting letters and diaries, but the appeals judge said it contravened a law that protects the privacy of phone conversations.

The girl’s mom reportedly did have access to her daughter’s account before she died, but Facebook froze the page once it was notified about the teen’s death, thus barring anyone from signing in, the newspaper reports.