College student arrested after begging for make-up exam: cops

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A Florida teen went to extreme lengths last week to take a make-up exam.

Jude Chiedu Akachukwu, 19, was arrested on May 23 after he held his Santa Fe College professor against her will until she allowed him to retake an exam, according to the Gainseville Sun.

Police said Akachukwu went into the professor’s office, closed the door and blocked the doorway at the Gainseville campus until she gave him a make-up test.

The professor refused his request and tried to get away, but Akachukwu grabbed her arm, according to authorities.

When she threatened to call police, Akachukwu allegedly threw himself on the ground in a tantrum and cried.

She eventually left the office for class, but the student followed and disrupted her as she taught.

Akachukwu faces charges of false imprisonment, battery and disturbing the peace.

He was taken into custody at Alachua County Jail.