Bison gores hiker in North Dakota

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MINOT, N.D.—An Alaskan hiker says he’s lucky to be alive after a bison gored his thigh in North Dakota.

Michael Turk tells the Minot Daily News that if the giant animal had hit his femoral artery, the largest artery in the body, he would have died.

The 51-year-old former Army combat medic was camping June 30 in Theodore Roosevelt National Park when he says he passed the bison on Buckhorn Trail while photographing the sunset.

He encountered the same bison on his return, but didn’t keep the recommended 23-metre distance as he walked by. Turk says the bison rammed him and that he regained consciousness in the bushes.

Turk says he stopped the bleeding before nearby campers, including airmen from Minot Air Force Base, rescued him.